Conversion Rate Optimization (split testing and experimentation) is the other key to growth. As I such I am always running split tests on ad copy, landing pages, and keywords.  This results in the gradual improvement of campaigns on a week-over-week basis for every account I manage.

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I believe in complete transparency, and as a result I am extremely open about my Google Ads strategy.  

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My Approach to Google Ads
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Christian Little, Google Ads Specialist

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Whether you are a small business just getting started, or a large multi-million dollar enterprise - I am a leading Google Ads Specialist and would love to help your business!

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Christian Little is one of the leading Google Ads Specialists' in the world and has worked with clients in almost every vertical and country.

When not serving clients, he spends his free time with his wife, three daughters, three cats, and their new puppy. He's also can avid gamer and science fiction lover.

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Meet Christian Little - Your Google Ads Specialist

I have been running Google Ads campaigns since 2003 (back then it was called Google Adwords).  

During this time I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of companies in dozens of verticals.  I love working on Google Ads campaigns and shocking my clients with the results you can get if you setup and optimize your campaigns efficiently.

I also have a MBA in Marketing, and a proven track record spanning almost 20 years experience in search engine marketing.

Client Profile: Dominion Lending is the largest mortgage broker across Canada with several thousand licensed brokers.  They had been running Google Ad campaigns to generate mortgage leads but they were consistently coming in for around $150.

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Case Study: Dominion Lending Centres

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) make up the core foundation for every Google Ad campaign I run.  These have been proven to be the most effective way to generate a high click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate, which ultimately leads you to a high quality score.

In addition to the above, I provide weekly summary reporting and in-depth monthly reporting to all clients.   These reports contain great insights and details on all the work performed in the account so you can see the true value of what you are getting from me.

Shown below are a few examples of the reports I send to my clients, this data not only gives highly detailed feedback about their campaigns, but it also provides them with great insights into how to optimize their other advertising campaigns:

Solution: I implemented proper single keyword ad groups, launched dozens of split tests, and made optimizations daily to their campaigns.

Result: I started working with Dominion in early December, within 90 days I had taken their CPA from $100+ to $35.

See what other people have to say about working with me:

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Book a Free Consultation With Christian Little Today!


Book a Free Consultation With Christian Little Today!


Book a Free Consultation With Christian Little Today!


Common questions I get from people about my services/expertise:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long have you been running campaigns on Google?

I started in 2003 (approximately, can't remember the exact date).

What kind of ROI/ROAS can I expect?

Every client is different, but I have some general benchmarks I can share.

For ecommerce clients, my goal is to generate a 5x ROAS (which is almost always doable), but clients with amazing products and brand recognition I have seen go anywhere in the 12-20x ROAS, sometimes even higher.

For lead generation, it really comes down to how specific the audience is.  But I will say an average lead generation campaign will typically run in the $20-$30 per lead.   Some clients I have gotten leads for as little as $2, others I have gotten leads for as high as $200.   There are a lot of factors that influence these (budget, lead scoring and qualification, which vertical and geo we are dealing with, etc).   When we have our consultation I will try to give you an approximation but it is just that - an approximation, we won't know until we have the campaigns running and the data starts coming in.

For brand awareness it's almost impossible to give a good answer on this one.  Ultimately it comes down to your business, it's message, content, and what you are hoping to accomplish.   Sure you can reach people for $0.01 but they may not be the right people if your product isn't for the mass market.  So again, it comes down to your business and I will try to approximate what can be done with the budget you have when we meet.

$30 for a lead from Google?   Are you crazy?  I can get them for $5 with Facebook Ads

Yes you can, but the quality tends to be significantly lower.   To give you an example here, I run FB ads for my mortgage business at the same time as running Google Ads.   Here are some comparatives:

Google Ads $30 per lead, lead conversion rate is about 25%.  Meaning I need 4 leads to close a mortgage deal, or $120/deal.

Facebook Ads $7 per lead, lead conversion rate is about 3%, meaning I need about 33 leads to close a mortgage deal, or $210/deal.

Now factor in the time needed to get to a close.  In the mortgage business, for example, I need to do a 30 minute meeting with every lead to determine their eligibility to apply for a mortgage.  With Google that equates to about 2 hours of work, with Facebook that equates to about 15.5 hours of work - that's just to pre-qualify a good lead.  

Every business is different and there are always exceptions to the norm.  I have seen many business that absolutely thrive on Facebook leads and I have nothing but absolute respect for people that make it work.

Both methods work (and I highly recommend spreading your spend across multiple channels), but Google Ads tend to be much more efficient per dollar spent.

What makes you different than the other agencies/specialists out there competing for my business?

There's several things I do differently than most other experts, but the big ones are:

I practice what I preach.  I run Google Ads campaigns for my own businesses, test new strategies and methodologies on them, and use my findings to better serve my clients.   You would be shocked to see how many agencies that offer Google Ads services who don't actually run campaigns for themselves.

I don't follow the "fire and forget" methodology (where the specialist sets up the initial campaign and then sets Google to use CPA bidding and let's Google do all the heavy lifting/optimization efforts).  Rather, I make daily (yes you read that right...daily) updates to all of my client accounts.   If you aren't touching your campaigns at least 5x a week then you are not fully optimizing a campaign to it's fullest.  And you will be able to see everything I do as it's tracked automatically by Google in their Change History report.

I don't outsource the campaign work to anybody.   Many agencies are actually sales companies who will sell you a management service, but then offload the actual work to a white label service like Vendasta or some $1/hour worker on the other side of the world.   

I don't outsource anything I do with the exception of graphical work (i.e. creating new display ads) and I fully disclose it to you before I outsource any kind of work.

Clients have direct access to me, you don't get an account manager or some other middle person.  You get me on the phone, in web conferences, by email.  It's me, not some customer service rep who acts as a buffer and things get lost during the communication exchanges.  

Are you a Google Partner? 

My answer to this will vary from year to year.  

The reason being is to be a Google-certified partner you simply have to pass these multiple choice exams and score 70% or higher on them.   I certify when I have the time and energy to do it, but having the badge does not mean you know how to actually run campaigns successfully.  All it means is you passed a multiple choice exam offered by Google on the theory about stuff like click-through rates, adrank, etc. 

The other thing you should know about being a Google-certified partner is they have requirements to maintain their badge.  Specifically Google Partners need to spend X amount in Google Ads across their client accounts over 90 days.   

The partner program is basically pushing you to ramp up your client budgets constantly because the target moves every 3 months to the next tier once you hit the current target...totally not a big scam to get people spending more money with Google...nope. 

At the top of this page you outlined your strategy using single keyword ad groups and conversion rate optimization, why should I hire you if I can just copy your strategy?

I know how to reset a broken nose and dislocated shoulder, that doesn't mean I should be doing it for others.

Knowing how somebody does a strategy and implementing it yourself are two very different things.   But feel free to try and implement SKAGs and CRO yourself.   If you succeed that's fantastic, if you fail then I'll be here to help you out when you are ready to ask for help.

Is there a minimum ad spend commitment if I hire you?

Generally speaking, I ask all clients to be willing to commit at least $1000 per month for their ad budget, not including my fee.   You can get results for less, but it's very challenging to optimize Google Ads campaigns around really low budget accounts and if that is your situation I would recommend holding off until you can put a little more budget behind your marketing efforts.

That being said, there tends to be a huge difference between committing $1000 per month and $2000 per month to the ad budget.   I've seen numerous times where a $2000 per month account will almost instantly get a significantly better CPA so I recommend you aim to spend $2,000 per month on Google Ads if you can at the minimum.

Do you offer a white label service?

On occasion but not very often.   I don't like how most agencies sell their clients on false promises and then the client gets upset, which leads to the agency getting upset at me because they sold the client on the impossible when I had previously advised them against doing in the first place.  

I prefer to work directly with clients and that is one of the requirements if you want to outsource your client projects to me - I will require direct access to the clients.   If you can't accept that, then I am not the Google Ads Specialist for your agency.

You talked about Facebook Ads above, do you offer Facebook marketing services at all?  We'd prefer to work with somebody who can provide an all-in-one service

No I don't and have no plans to in the near future.   Facebook Ads are a completely different beast than Google Ads and while I'd like to think I know a lot about them, I don't feel comfortable saying I'm an expert.   Maybe that will change at some point in the future, but not as of right now.

That being said, I have a relationship with an agency here in Vancouver which can do some pretty amazing things with Facebook Ads.  How do I know this?  Because I've been managing the Google Ads for all of their clients since mid-2019 and have access to their Facebook activities, trust me when I say they are rock stars and I'd be happy to introduce you to the CEO who will take exceptional care of your FB ad needs.

This other agency I'm talking to is offering to do the same service you are offering but for half the rate you are quoting me, what can you to do make your offer more appealing?

I won't do anything.  If you are shopping around and trying to play agencies and specialists against each other then take me out of consideration.  I have no interest in getting in a bidding war to fight for your business.  Honestly if you aren't convinced to work with me then you aren't convinced to work with me, enough said.  Let's save each other a bunch of stress and simply move on without each other.

We are a non-profit organization, do you offer discounts? 

Absolutely.   Registered NPO's get a 25% discount on all services I offer, provided they are a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States or can provide their Registered Society document for Canadian organizations.  

Certified documents will be required to be eligible for this discount.