Christian Little

Marketing & Sales Expert, Investor, Personal Finance Expert

Christian Little is on a mission to help businesses grow. He is an expert in digital sales and marketing strategy, analytics, and web development, with over 20 years’ experience.

Additionally, Christian is an expert in investing, personal finance, and cryptocurrency. He is also an advocate for human rights and mental health.

In his free time, Christian is an avid gamer, husband, and father of three daughters.

Play Video about Christian Little at Save the Storks Innovator Summit 2022

Christian Little speaking at Save the Storks Innovator Summit 2022 on digital presence, building websites, and digital marketing strategy for non-profits.

About Me

My name Christian Little, I am an expert in business strategy, sales, and marketing. 

I have over 20 years’ experience, working with a variety of companies in almost every industry. I love coming into an organization and helping them realize their goals.

I am also a strong advocate for human rights and mental health issues.  I believe everybody is entitled to fundamental human rights and freedoms.

I have had the opportunity to speak and numerous events, have been published dozens of times, and am a leading expert in strategy and leadership.

I’m based out of Calgary, Canada, with my wife and three daughters.  We moved here in 2022 after having lived in Vancouver, Canada for my entire life.  

If you are looking for ways to grow your organization, I would love to meet with you to discuss how I can help you grow.   

My Services

Business Strategy

Sales & Marketing

Finance & Investing

Innovation & Automation




"Chris is an amazing talent that reinvented Terapeak's product marketing analytics, advertising campaigns, advertising ROI calculations, user behaviour analytics, and on-site A/B optimization. Chris was able to double on-site conversion for key marketing workflows while focusing on a great customer experience. Chris also managed the advertising budget, created advertising ROI forecasts, and expanded our advertising reach. I was inspired by how Chris setup our churn remarketing campaigns to effectively predict & engage users before they would laps on their subscription."
Andrew Sukow
Investor, Board Member, Advisor, and Managing Partner at Sukow Ventures, Inc.
"I've had the pleasure of wording with Chris. His organizational skills made it very easy for us to deliver releases on time and without having to spend long hours on meetings. Chris and I had a great time working together. International deliverables are usually unique and come with many complications; Chris demonstrated efficiency, dedication and flexibility necessary to deliver results at Terapeak."
Marco Alvarez
Manager of Customer Success at Tread
"I hired Christian to help our organization understand how to improve our e-commerce conversion and revenue. We manage a number of websites for our brand partners and were struggling with website conversions for one of the brands and revenue growth for another. So, we contracted Christian to do an audit of our sites and provide back a recommendation plan of what we could implement and change.

I was very impressed with the report that Christian provided back to our team. It was thorough, accurate, on-time and full of practical tactics that we could put in place. Christian did an excellent job of assessing and understanding the project and our clients and was in constant communication with us. He was direct and to the point and was very willing to share his expertise and insights. The analysis has helped us plan a road map for the rest of the year and we feel very confident that it will help us reach our goals.

I strongly recommend the work that Christian does and I would most definitely hire him again."
Kent Hawkins
Senior Channel Marketing Manager, Global at Arc'teryx Equipment
"Give Christian a general framework and he'll get superb results every time. His skill set is top drawer. Whatever he says he will do, he does it responsibly and in a timely manner."
Lance Shaler
COO of EventChain SmartTickets
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